Bangla Font Problem

Dear visitor,
Here we using Bangla unicode font, that is why you can see or read the news from internet and mobile set.But some older browser do not show Bangla/Bengali font correctly.
To solve this problem , there is 2 solutions.
1. Easy Solution: Downloading latest browser and installing.Its an easy task just click DownloadIf you install it then no need to follow 2nd solution for internet.
2:System solution
a)Mobile Browser Opera:
Download Opera mini and install it.Now Open you browser, please write in address bar opera:config where you write now scroll to get an option “Use bitmap fonts for complex scripts” , select “Yes” and save.
b) Computer/Internet Browser

IN windows xp (all versions):
1. add unicode language support to your system:
To do this follow the following steps: and run icomplex 2.0.0 provided by omicronlab.
b. click install complex scripts.

Bangla in Xp

2. add bangla fonts to your system:

download the complete bangla font and copy to ‘c:\windows\fonts’. or Download Bangla FontsCopy this font in “fonts” folder of “Wndows” in “C” drive or where you installed Windows Operating System XP.
Please Follow above solution for Vista/Win 2000

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